Autonome Schiffe

Autonomous Boats Unleash Future Boats GmbH

Unleash Future Boats is an interdisciplinary company. We can draw on more than 15 years of experience in the automotive and aerospace sectors to master the physical challenges of rough maritime environments. In addition to a new type of architecture, we have also invented an innovative sensor. With our team of top experts in the industry, as well as our cooperation partners, we will continuously develop our systems and sensors and present them in Schleswig-Holstein (Schlei region).

Autonomous systems will revolutionize our world of tomorrow. With our Software Defined Shipping we are already shaping the future of tomorrow!


Our CTO belongs to a very special group of people. In international committees, she initiated a motorway route in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, the European corridor project. With her team, she was able to develop the first complete function on the zFAS (central driver assistance system) at Audi AG. With their function, science fiction became a reality, because the zFAS is the heart of autonomous driving not only at Audi, but in the entire VW Group.


IIn international comparison, our innovative sensor gives us an important competitive edge, which will give us a clear lead in terms of reliability. It allows us safe and reliable detection and is therefore an important key technology in order to be able to act even under the harsh conditions of the real world.

SmartSensor Autonome Schifffahrt Boote Schiffe

We will build this starting 2021 and test it on the Schlei. With the new sensor, we can use software to compensate for the complex movements on the water in the sensor and achieve a high level of security and reliability for sensor data. This is a world first and already offers an advantage for our company in the international competition for autonomous boats and ships. Innovation made in Germany - here on the Schlei!


So it's no surprise that today we:

  • have our own prototypes (boats, sensors & systems)
  • registered the longest digital test field on federal waterways in Germany
  • invented a completely new type of sensor
  • were able to win strong cooperation partners for the implementation
  • planning the first use of the world's first autonomous boat between Schleswig and Haithabu, UNESCO World Heritage
  • hold more than 12 letters of support from business, politics and society
  • already prepare 4 international patent applications

'The vision of autonomous ships is a great opportunity for Germany as a business location in international competition. The fact that the Unleash Future think tank consciously chose our location in Schleswig-Holstein is a great benefit. We welcome this choice and support Unleash Future Boats GmbH, who, in their pioneering role, presenting the location advantages internationn. As a location for the HANNAH project, Schleswig offers excellent [...] conditions, and the Schlei offers ideal test conditions for the HANNAH project.' – Dirk Schrödter, Head of the State Chancellery Schleswig-Holstein

With strong support from business, politics (regional, Schleswig-Holstein and Berlin) and society (universities, high schools and schools), we have full thrust for our rapid development, testing and validation of autonomous systems on the water!